The Darkness Pseudo Review

The Darkness.. personally, I can't be anywhere near this game.. If I as much as glance at the tv while this is on, I'll vomit. I'm not making this shit up, I get physically sick with this game.. The effect is called "simulation sickness" according to wikipedia. Go look it up. Anyway, I asked my brother to tell me what he likes about it, since he played it extensively.

This is about some mobster guy called Jackie whose body gets taken over by an entity known as The Darkness. This grants him immortality as well as a bunch of powers with which to dispose of the bad guys who stand in his way. The concept isn't original, but the execution is top notch. The game has great lighting as far as I can tell and the textures are high resolution. Of course, none of that is important if the game itself isn't playable and fun, and it seems to have those covered. There's lots of stuff you can kill enemies with.. Even black holes and tentacles bigger than that hentai movie. (I know you watch that crap!) You can even eat their hearts after they're dead. The only OBVIOUS fault here is the lack of an option to piss on dead enemies. it would be PERFECT. If it wasn't of course for the fact that just looking at it makes my internal organs fear regurgitation.


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