Lair to come out 14/08 in the US - Preview

Lair is set to be every videogamer-dragon-lover's paradise ^^
The game is coming out (finally!) in less than a month (I'll obviously import the US version) and it's goin to rock so damn much xD

You're Rohn, an elite sky guard of the Asylian army (supposedly the "good guys") and your enemy is the Mokai race. The story evolves from there, and revolves around the whole war, and how the main character starts to notice that maybe his side isn't the "good" side, but only one of the 2 sides that want to survive. The game will have a big focus on storyline, so expect a lot of twists and surprises along the way :D

Technically the game is fuckin beautiful! Huge stages, with armies of thousands of characters on the ground, together with dozens of dragons flying around, other kinds of beasts on the ground and on the water, and in the sky, ships, catapults, all together with the best water effects I've personally ever seen and gorgeously detailed buldings any other element of the scenery, are what you'll encounter in the large scale battle missions.

Other kinds of missions include stealth missions on the air where you have to try to destroy certain targets without being noticed by the enemy, or missions where you have to destroy a determined target with bombs and anything at your disposal, and also the epic boss fights you'll face throughout the game.

As for gameplay, you have two types of control: air control, and ground control.

In the air the dragon's movements are controled
with the six axis' motion sensing capabilities, using various motions to steer your dragon and perform maneuvers, and then you have buttons assigned to shoot fireballs, perform death moves, and also control the camera and lock on your enemies. You can also get upclose with enemy dragons and start a kind of beat'em up sequence, where you have combinations of attacks, guard, special moves, and fire breathing, all while both dragons are entangled and falling through the sky.

On the ground you control your dragon with the analog sticks, and then have buttons assigned to breath fire, eat human soldiers to recover vitality, pound on the ground for an area attack, and to attack with your dragon's arms you can perform motions with the six axis.

All of this runs at a steady 30 fps without any kind of hickup whatsoever (which is damn impressive taking into account the sheer amount os stuff on-screen at the same time, and the great quality of the graphics overall).
I couldn't be more hyped for this game than I am at the moment..really can't wait for it :P

This review is based on the media material I've seen released in various sites, and on the reviews made by ign and gamespot.

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