GRAW 2 demo is live on PSN

The demo for Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 went live last Thursday and I must say I'm quite impressed. Even though I had to download it 3 times because it refused to install, you can tell it's a quality product, quite different from the shoddy ports we've been getting like SC:DA.

First of all, the graphics and general lighting is top notch. When the first level began, I thought it was a CG movie, but then I noticed you can control your character's head and look at the other guy inside the car. Quite impressive stuff, I tell you. Also, it runs pretty smoothly and I haven't noticed any framerate dips whatsoever.

Gameplay is algo great, though it may be a bit overly realistic for some people and I totally understand that. This game seems quite demanding. 3 shots and you're dead. But if you can cope with how easily you can die, it's quite rewarding. While it's not always the case, a difficult game generally gives you a sense of accomplishment and while a bit on the hard side, GRAW2 can be quite a great experience. They give you all these great gadgets and weapons, but you have to use tactics and cover or you won't last long.

I must say I quite liked the experience. Maybe this is the one game that shows that good porting is indeed possible with some extra effort. What are you waiting for? download now.


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