Tomonobu Itagaki's past comes back to bite him in the ass.

Isn't it a pain when your past comes back to haunt you? I found this in an old spanish magazine called Hobby Consolas.. Well, the year is 1998 and tekken rules the playstation as far as 3d fighting games go. In this article Itagaki clearly states tekken is his favorite game and that he hopes tekken and DOA can coexist in the market. He also states he ABSOLUTELY finds tekken to be the superior game. Also, he looks like a geek, though you probably can't see anything since my mobile phone's camera is crap. No glasses on his face either... Better pic when I get it scanned.

Since most of you can't speak spanish let's translate it completetely:

"Itagaki has shown he possesses an unusual talent. The game's producer knows he's facing tough competition with Tekken 3 and he doesn't have any problems admitting that Tekken and Virtua Fighter are his favorite fighting games, besides of course Dead or Alive. Anyway, he believes both games are compatible in the playstation market and he absolutely finds his game inferior to Namco's. His favorite character is Kasumi for being the main character and the one which better represents the tournament."

Edit: heres another interview from joystiq with the words tekken sucks on it

not quite so humble now, is he?


Anonymous said...

He changed his opinion of tekken for the fact that the company is afraid to change anything. When they took a differant step in direction, they coward back into an old format in the new version.

AciD said...

LOL.. that's rich. whatever changes from one DOA game to another? more stages? better graphics? how about nothing as far as gameplay mechanics goes. Tekken is much more technical and much less n00b friendly than Itagaki's boobfest.

ssj3_goku_596 said...
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ssj3_goku_596 said...

I'm tired of hearing that excuse. Every fighting game is noob friendly. You can button mash in them all and get away with stuff when playing other un experianced players. But just like every other fighter, you play someone who knows what they are doing, you are not going to get far by just mashing. Although, it is funny how top players in tekken and virtua fighter can never compete with the top players in doa. Gee I wonder why?

Skryba said...

lol gee maybe because they're different games? o_O

How the hell do you want ppl to compete in different games?

And no, not every fighting game is n00b friendly. It IS true that in any game you can mash and stuff comes out, but that doesn't make the game n00b friendly. A n00b friendly game is a game that can easily be played right by someone who doesn't know how to play the game. In other words the stuff that comes out when mashing is actually something worth doing and that is well done, even though you're mashing. That does NOT happen in Tekken or Virtua Fighter or even in Soul Calibur as much as it does in DOA.

And that answer was directed to a comment that stated that DOA was better than Tekken because tekken didn't evolve...and come on. For cryin out loud, DOA has been completely stagnant since DOA2 in terms of fighting mechanics! The few changes that have been made over the course of the series are so little and so unimportant, that playing DOA2 and playing DOA4 is, in terms of gameplay, almost the same!

DragoManiac said...

You know why the "Dead or Alive" series hasen't evolved much in terms of fighting mechanics? Because it's perfect as it is, why change something that's not already broken? They got it right already on the second part and has been great ever since.

What "DoA" has evolved in though is the interaction part wish patheticly Tekken and Virtua Fighter doesn't have a clue on how to make it fun or even work. This makes them to leave it out after Tekken 4 and Virtua Fighter 3tb. Let's not forget the tag mode that Tekken left out as well. This makes DoA the only fighting game that doesn't feel like they stayed on the 80's.

And what is it that makes Tekken so technical may I ask? I ask this because I don't see any technical by pushing the enemy up on the air and executing them with endless combos all the the time because this is the way everyone plays it. Not only is it pathetic but also an unjustice way of competition.
DoA doesn't have such cheap way of playing, insted it has a countering system that allows both parts to have a fair chance to defeat the other. In order to win here you just have to be fast, have great reflexes to counter your enemy if things gets tight, and have a good knowledge of your playable character to be able to attack differently to leave the enemy guessing, otherwise he/she will counter you. This is far more better fighting system than what Tekken has to offer. Faster to.

About this button mashing. I have never, ever played this way on a DoA game, nor have I been beaten by someone who attempted this on me. By reading all of you who claims that you can beat or be beaten by anyone this way shows only how incompetent and frustrated everyone are on this franchise. Just because it plays fast and smooth doesn't mean it's a button mashing game.

-I almost forgot-
If you can't stand the speed of DoA then by all means, stay away from it and keep practising on your slow Tekken combos on the poor defensles Kuma bear floating in the air, and have fun staring at Nina's trembeling behind with Heihachis revealing dyper in Tekken 4.

S.D. Ravenson said...

I hate Itagaki! He thinks that Tekken sucks but look at DoA's gameplay... actually I've seen YouTube videos and look... it's so gravity defying so what? Tekken is not gravity-defying and it has better characters-- from people to animals! DoA's more on girls... boobs and whatever!!! And look at Itagaki's face... it seems that he didn't try to have a facial appointment: Itagaki should wear concealer for his "rocky road" face!